September 16, 2019

"Ma(she)ne" new artworks series by Lola Fischer

„Ma(she)ne” is an acrylic painting on canvas. It is an artwork inspired by the industrial forms of factory machines and engines. The title is a wordplay, which expresses the personification of an industrial object. That indicates the problematic aspects of the painting which is liveliness, durability and objectivity of the human being.

July 15, 2019

Arab Art Fairs 2019 in Beirut

I am very happy I was invited by MEADOWS to take part in the Arab Art Fair 2019 in Lebanon. The exhibition took place in the Monroe Hotel in Beirut. I would like to send a kind ‚Thank you’ to Lena Kelekian, Hagop Sulahian and Francesca Maurizi for the invitation and for all their hard work.