August 4, 2017

Lola Fischer - Indian Summer video

Here you see the video I've made especially for OFAA exhibition Art Fairs Malaga  2017.

It's a short documentation of the painting process of "Indian Summer" artwork exhibited in Spain in July 2017. The video was presented as an Augmented Reality part of the exhibition.

July 22, 2017

Lola Fischer on the Malaga Art Faires 2017

Lately I was invited for the OFAA exhibition on the Malaga Art Fair in Spain. I was asked to make a painting inspired by the Polish nature. I decided to make an abstract based on Polish indian summer landscape. The exhibition had a technological aspect, using Augmented Reality to show artists' studio background.

Thank you to the OFAA president Victoria Cano for the invitation and Alejandro Agustín for all the organizational help.

Indian Summer diptych by Lola Fischer

June 24, 2017

"Indian Summer" | visit me in my studio

Some time ago I've made a diptich "Indian Summer" for the next upcoming exhibition. Take a look at the photos from my studio and enjoy my kitchen behind my back ;).

June 19, 2017

Lola Fischer's artwork in a digital show in the Unarthodox Gallery NYC

I am happy that my digital collage Fashion-able was displayed in a digital show during the opening ceremony of the international exhibition in the Unarthodox Gallery in New York City,  on June 15th, 2017. Unarthodox is a creative space that combines all of the arts to create unique interactive experiences.

May 23, 2017

MEADOWS Personal Structures exhibition - Venice Biennale 2017

Take a look at the beautiful, 60-seconds video from the VIP Opening of the Personal Structures Exhibition, which is part of the bigger Venice Biennale program. The video was made by the artist Peter Ciemitis.

 Participating Artists:

Jillian Ciemitis
Peter Ciemitis
Len Zuks
Lena Kelekian Sulahian
Francesca Maurizi;
Mohammed Al Atiq
Sibilla Bjarnason
Rosihan Dahim
Awang Damit Ahmad
Micky Garcia del Rio
Neneng Sia Ferrier Art
Lola Fischer
Katja Juhola
Hessa Kalla
Inkeri Makkonen
Grete Marstein
Eunice Mateo
Elizabeth Meyersohn
Maria Pia Michielon
Thu Anh Nguyen
Mai Huong Nguyen 
May AlSaad
Khurshid Alam Saleem
Beata Tomczyk-Sokołowska
Hagop Hrant Sulahian
Mariette Tachdjian
Andreas Tomblin
Vittorio Tonon
Sylvain Tremblay
Marlene Van Jaarsveld
Clarice Zdanski
Kamil Abdushukur

  My participation in the exhibition was co-funded by The City Municipality in Krakow.