November 19, 2016

Lola Fischer in the TBA exhibition at The University of Oxford.

I am so proud to be a part of  Theoretical-Art project which integrates art and science. The first exhibition TBA Oxford was opened on October 14th, 2016 in the Said Business School on the University of Oxford. I had a pleasure to take part in that event with my interactive work Simply-City.

A couple of words about Theoretical-Art project:

Thoughts Become Art explores the emergence of a new category in the field of contemporary art: ‘theoretical-Art’. Integral to t-Art is the communication of highly complex, often scientific, and innovative ideas through artistic forms of expression.

Its theoretical foundation is based on the synergies between art, science, and technology; and it aims to enable and inspire societal transformations that will contribute to the well-being of all humans. Current societal challenges will be addressed and approached proactively – solution-orientated ‘prototypes’ will be presented for inspiration and further reflection.

                                                                                          TBA Team

Lola Fischer "Simply-city" (30x90 cm) digital print based on linocuts

November 17, 2016

"Inter-activities" by Lola Fischer in Gologorski Gallery (Krakow)

In August 2016 Gologorski Gallery (in cooperation with Gologorski Foundation) opened the exhibition "Inter-activities" by Lola Fischer. The exhibition was a link between painting and interactive art. This event is a part of "The Bridge" project organised by the Gologorski Foundation. The project is co-funded by The Municipality of Krakow.

October 28, 2016

Photo relation from Sphix Art Festival 2015 in Thebes.

Here are some photos from the exhibition that I took part in last year. It was Sphinx Art Festival 2015 in Thebes.  The photos were published by Primo Piano Atelier.

December 20, 2015


I'm happy to let you know that - as a member of OFAA - I took part in ON ART OFAA exhibition of Olimpia Fine Artist Association, organised by Victoria Cano Pérez in Valencia during FESTIVAL DE LAS ARTES CIUTAT VELLA OBERTA VALENCIA 2015. The exhibition took place lasted from 12th to 15th of November 2015 and was presented in the beautiful interior of Victoria Cano's Art Studio. The exhibition was stunning!

Babita Das - India
Clarisa Cassiau - Argentina
Daniel Houle Jayd - Canada
Gheorghe Zaharia - Romania
Hagop Sulahian - Lebanon
Halak Pandya Vaidya - India
Harald Schole - Netherland
Hertha Miessner - Germany
Kavita Nayar - India
Khurshid Alam Saleem - USA
Lena Kelekian - Lebanon
Lola Fischer - Poland
Maria Luisa Branduardi - Italy
Maria Pia Michielon - Italy
Pamela Silver - Israel
Paul Tiililä - Finland
Tero Annanolli -Finland
Tiarma Sirait - Indonesia
Tonino Maurizi - Italy
Victoria Cano - Spain
Virginia Videa - Romania

exhibition curated by Victoria Cano
photos / video/ catalogue by Victoria Cano

November 12, 2015

The 5th Tone International Miniature Art Biennale in Bangladesh.

I have an honour to be invited by Khalid Mahmood Mithu, the president of Tone Art Society of Bangladesh to take part in the 5th Tone International Miniature Art Biennale in Dhaka. The vernissage and opening ceremony will take place on the 13th and 14th of November 2015 in two leading galleries - Gallery Chitrak and Athena Gallery of Fine Arts. This great exhibition is an international event, presenting 324 artists from 27 countries. The Miniature Art Biennale is organised by Tone Art Society and curated by Khalid Mahmood Mithu.

Dreaming by Lola Fischer for the 5th Tone International Miniature Art Biennale

October 6, 2015

Lola Fischer on Sphinx International Art Exhibition.



the hidden Thebes festival

from 4-10-2015 to 4-11-2015

Opening: 04.10.2015 at 7.00 pm at the Conference Center of Thebes.

In the midst of a persistent state of crisis,
Hidden Thebes erupts out of itself
opening again the legendary question mark
holding the secret of our essence.

Artists from all fields, from all over the world
attempt to reveal this primordial seed hidden deep inside themselves

The first Festival of Hidden Thebes welcomes you in this internatiοnal event
centered on the Riddle of the Sphinx of Thebes
which revives the ontological importance of our mythical city:

«Τί ἐστιν ὅ μίαν ἔχον φωνὴν, τετράπουν καὶ δίπουν καὶ τρίπουν γίνεται;»

General curation: Konstantinos Angelou, Polyxene Kasda
Special curation: Dores Sacquegna

Under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and the collaboration of the Athens School of Fine Arts.