June 24, 2014

Father's Day in Poland!

Today, we're having a Father's Day in Poland. I have this great happiness to have two best Dads in the world! Thanks to them I am who I am today.  My Dad is a great sculptor, glass & jewelry designer, and my Godfather is a great interior and graphic designer. They taught me everything I know about art! Thank you to both of them!

My Dad
My Godfather

June 8, 2014

Mail Art Exhibition 2014 in Gallery Villa Armas, Finland.

I was invited to take part in the MAIL ART EXHIBITION by Paul Tiililä (5.3. - 29.3.2014) in Gallery Villa Armas in Pikonlinna/Kangasala, Finland.
The collection by Paul Tiililä and works from the exhibition were donated by Paul to the Postal Museum of Finland.

Photos by Paul Tiililä and Gallery Villa Armas.