February 15, 2012

February 10, 2012

"Mirror" graphic series | part III

The Mirror | graphic series

The main concept of my graphic series, The Mirror, is to show love relation between two people. It’s a very intimate, personal reflection on love complications. What’s really interesting in that problem is the human emotional and ethical condition in our contemporary world.  That’s a very good pretext to ask very universal questions about human relations, intimacy, loneliness and transience. That’s a story about how two people coexist in a relationship, and also about their emotional and psychological interaction. 
When looking for a title, I was aware that it has to be something that allows many interpretations and meanings, just like love relations are.

First of all, by using the mirror we can come to meet ourselves, and see our own reflection.  It works in a similar way in relationships between two people. They come to see each other, and at the same time, see their own reflection in other person’s eyes. That’s also the right moment to ask the question about very own identity, personality and personal freedom.  There’s a reason for Polish and Yiddish proverb “Eyes are the mirror of  soul” - we want to look deeper for the essence of human nature.  And at last but not least, we know the magical meaning of the mirror in fairy tales, old wifes’ tales, and legends as a gate to parallel reality and time.

Formal aspects are also relevant to the title of work.  The composition of elements is based on overlapping, corresponding and reflecting elements. Those elements are repetitive modules I used to suggest the stories I’m presenting are a continuous process of searching for love. The whole series has open composition. Each graphic is a part of series  but can still exist as an autonomic work.

The Mirror graphic series is made in etching and mixed technique (100x70 cm).

February 8, 2012